October 10, 2006

The Ignoramus' Quiz No.12

1. The tradition of carrying the flame from Mt.Olympus to the actual venue was first started at which Olympics?

2. Sverdrup is the unit of measurement of what?

3. When someone is elected a Pope, the cardinal dean asks him two questions; the first is if he accepts the offfice. What's the second?

4. Ancient Egyptians used a base 12 system of counting. What lasting legacy of this do we still use in our everyday lives?

5. What's common to Samuel Langhorne Clemens - the writer we know as Mark Twain - and a certain Captain Sellers, a riverboat pilot who used to write about river conditions for the New Orleans Picayune in the mid-1880s?

For the answers, please visit: ten things i didn't know until last week.