December 18, 2006

The Ignoramus' Quiz No.22

1. Which yesteryear Hollywood actress enjoyed such a squeaky clean image that she was referred to as 'the professional virgin'?

2. Which musical instrument gets its name from the supposed resemblance of its shape to an almond?

3. In competitive swimming, which is the only stroke that doesn't begin with a dive?

4. In the beginning there was television. And when colour television came along, what was originally referred to as television now became known as 'black and white television.' What is the word for this adjective-noun pairing generated by a change in meaning of the noun over time (other examples: silent movies, snail mail) usually because of advances in technology?

5. Which anti-nuclear movie - about a plant that almost blows up and the subsequent cover-up - was released just 12 days before the reactor accident at Three Mile Island in 1979?

For the answers, please visit : ten things I didn't know until last week.